dilluns, d’octubre 04, 2004

expectations about Barcelona

Expectation of Barcelona,

When I started the my study in Nijmegen 2 years ago, I knew already that i wanted to go for an exchange to another country. We could choose about a few countries in Europe like England, Finland, Germany and more, but from the beginning I was sure that I wanted to go to Barcelona. This becouse of the weather, the culture, the food, the music and the program of the University. Espacialy the lessons we have to follow on the university interested me a lot.

In februari we started the preperation for the Autums courses of all countries and I saw that many people wanted to go to Barcelona, more than was alloud. So I got afraid, becouse I realy wanted to go. Otherwise I would stop with my study.
Lucky me, that a few weeks later many people decited to change plans and not to go. Finaly I was for sure that I could go.

Than we got information about Ignasi, about the lessons and the optionals. I was verry happy to here that Ignasi is a Tourism/managment school, becouse I like this a lot and in Nijmegen we don´t get much information about those things.
Also my own preperation started, but very late in june, becouse before that time I was so buisy and I went to Italie for a trainee for a few weeks.
When I came back I started to think about Barcelona. How it shout be. I thought that the differents between Spain and Catalunya where not that big, but that was a wrong opinion. There are many differences. The language is completly different, the histori, the food, the music ans the way of think.
A few years ago I worked for 5 months in Tenerife. So I expected is was nearly the same. Is is realy not.
I like it, even its not what I expected. I like it that the people are so proud of there culture, I like the funny language and espacialy the food.

From the school I exoected that its very easy, more easy than our school in Nijmegen and a less work. Thas what the students who went last year to Barcelona said to us. I still don´t know if its true but we will see. I hope, becouse than we have more time to know more about the city life and the Catalan way of living. The other thing is that we learn more, and thats good aswell.
The students spoke only about positive thins so that was my impression about the Barcelona exchange. And till now its still like that.
At our school in Nijmegen not everything about administration is going fast and write very fast, but here everything is fine. And a nice introduction with clear information. Thas not what I expected becouse the students of last year had an other opinion about that.

I hope will have a great time, i´m sure it will be like that, and that I know everything about Catalunya and the culture.

Merel Peels