dilluns, d’octubre 04, 2004

Festivals everywhere

Festivals everywhere,

Whats very nice is about Barcelona, is that everyday there is something to do. Than a exposition opened, than a small festival is suddenly there, than a strike coms up, than a airplaneshow take place..e.c.
I walked with a friend a small rouns before sleeping to the Fontana Magica. And then suddenly we heard music ans saw lights up of the mountain. We wnet there and a small funny Fetival groep with different kind of activities was situates there for a few days. The funny thing was that they where from Holland like us.
There was a theatre build with drama and cabaret, there was a silence disco, a bar and a painter who paints everybody who passed.
Its looks so cosy and the admosfere was so nice.

Also yesterday. We went to the beach of Olympia and when we came out of the metro there where so many people that we could not pass.
After a few minutes we saw strange things in the air. We went to the beach and then a airplane-show started straight above us.
It was so cool so see that. And around us there where thousands of people waching the show.

When you don´t expect a festival of happening than its so much nicer to see it, you just fall
into it and that makes Barcelona so special, everyday you can fall in something els.

Merel peels


Blogger Graham said...

Hi Merel!

I agree with you - there are a lot of festivals here, especially now! You've come at a great time


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