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divendres, de novembre 12, 2004

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Hello students who have choosen Barca for 3 months study abroad!!!

First of all i want to say that you have choosen the write option. Barcelona is the best place for study and have fun aswell. In the beginning its like holiday, you can you to the beach everyday, at least if you don´t go to school, and when its getting cold there are a lot of other cool things to do.
What i will rtecoment is to find a nice quite place to live. Its very bussy in the city, and when you are home, you need rest. I live on the Grand via, its very noisy when the door is ope. Not very relaxed. Another thing i will say is to find a place alone. Not with your friends from your country who are going aswell. You will met more people, and you become a real inhabitant if you live alone i think. I feel sorry about that. I live together with 4 people from my glass, from the same school in Holland. Its very nice and cosy, but its easyer to do things together instead of in your own and get to know new people. You stay very ofter together in your old group. Ths a pity, becouse thats what i will do in a different way when i go somewhere again.
But with our 5 its very nice, we became a real team in our house. I am glad with this girls, thats not the problem.
What i also will recoment is to follow a course for spanisch. I didn´t do it becouse it was very expensive and it would take a lot of time. But sometimes i feel sory, becouse i want that i can say more in Spanish. Becouse of my dutch roommates, i never speak Spanish at home. So next time i will follow a course for speaking more Spanish.
I am also glad that i went to a sportschool for sporting. I see and am betweeen the inhabitans of the city. Its feels i am also a real inhabitant. Thats nice.
What i noticed asweel is that the ritme is very different, but after a week i was used to it. I feel myself home withit. They eat sometimes at eleven, so strange. And than in the afternoon, its so quite on the steet. Ik feel like; i want to go shopping!! oeps its not possible, the Spanish people have to sleep and rest. laisy people. ha ha. no, thats not truth. When i sleep, they are still awake and are joing there lives.
I learned of the Spanisch people to go not so fast through my live. I have to stay still somethimes. To enjoy, to evaluate and to realize waht i am doing, and the most importand thing why i do.

So go for it, take everything out of Barcelona what you can, but don´t forget to study. Its not diffeculd but sometimes it comes all together. (schoolwork).

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A few times in a week i go to a sportschool. To DIR in Gracia. Its a very well known sporting facility in Barcelona and i see there a lot of different people.
Its funy, becouse during doing my exersighsings i can observate the catalan people. After 4 weeks i can tell you that the people are realy very closed, what you told us before. Nobody is talking to eachother, they are loking to eachother but in secret, and when they leave the changing room they say goodbey, but whispered.
I think its a good example of the identity of the Catalan people. They are looking very arogant, but they are not. Becouse when you try to speak wiyh them they are very in the back, and take a waiting position, but after a wile, they begin to speak more, and becomes more open.
Very funy to see, and interesting to observate people. I like to do that.