divendres, de novembre 12, 2004



A few times in a week i go to a sportschool. To DIR in Gracia. Its a very well known sporting facility in Barcelona and i see there a lot of different people.
Its funy, becouse during doing my exersighsings i can observate the catalan people. After 4 weeks i can tell you that the people are realy very closed, what you told us before. Nobody is talking to eachother, they are loking to eachother but in secret, and when they leave the changing room they say goodbey, but whispered.
I think its a good example of the identity of the Catalan people. They are looking very arogant, but they are not. Becouse when you try to speak wiyh them they are very in the back, and take a waiting position, but after a wile, they begin to speak more, and becomes more open.
Very funy to see, and interesting to observate people. I like to do that.